Max Grau

Vorschlag für einen Soundtrack zur Ausstellung

with Jan Erbelding

[Proposition for a soundtrack]

Poster / Prints / Performance
various sizes and printing techniques
since 2013


For some of the exhibitions we did together, Jan and I compiled a soundtrack. The songs were played during the opening hours of the exhibition space. Between each song, there was a gap of silence – somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes. Besides having the actual music playing, we also designed posters for each song. The layout stayed more or less the same. They always show the name of the artist and the name of the song in big exclamatory Helvetica Bold. The posters also contain texts of various length and intend. Some of them talk about our motivation for putting a specific song in the show. Others work more associative. The Lana Del Rey Poster just says: I feel so alone on a Friday night can you make it feel like home if I tell you you're mine? Because we both think it’s brilliant, and… what else is there to say? Also the show opened on a friday night. When Jan came up with the Skeeter Davis Pster, they became weirder and we started showing them without actual music playing. As somewhat autonomous pieces. For the Videonale.Parcours in 2015 we reworked the soundtrack idea into a DJ-Performance. On the opening night we played some songs and and at some point started looping instrumental parts and read texts over those loops. There is no documentation of this performance, since we were very nervous and forgot to take care of that. Also it seems like not a single person took a photo with their phone. Either people where very busy dancing or it was super awkward. I’m not sure.