Max Grau

Any question, any answer leads into an ever branching network of possibilities

Lecture Performance

5 Photographs



This was a lecture performance I did, after returning from Los Angeles. I talked about how UFOs as a cultural phenomenon seem to mediate a multitude of things at various points in history. And about the cold war and regression hypnosis. How the UFO shifted from being a signifier for otherness to something that might problematize signifying altogether. I talked about experiencers and abductees. About the X-Files and about driving down Extraterrestrial Highway. How I met people in the desert and how nothing seems to make sense out there. And how at one point, I found myself walking and walking without really knowing why, looking for a bunker I had read about, where something very tragic happened. And how very unreal it feels, to realize, that you’re a body in that kind of terrain. In the end, the only thing I felt I had even a slight chance of understanding, were the LAPD helicopters.
Accompanying this lecture, I showed 5 photographs. The two larger ones where placed into the projection and the smaller ones were on their own. I’m still not quite sure how those pictures relate to the performance. I just know, that at some point I really wasn’t sure, that talking is getting us any closer to wherever I wanted to go with this.




C-Prints [35 x 50 cm], hand painted frame



C-Print [20 x 15 cm], silkscreen on matt [50 x 70 cm]



C-Print [50 x 70 cm]