Max Grau

“Future Paintings”

UV print on synthetic fabric

105 x 150 cm


Future paintings aren’t exactly paintings. I tend to refer to them as ›paintings‹. Technically they are digital images printed on industrial fabric most commonly used for outdoor advertisement and then afterwards stretched into the conventional mode of presentation for painting. Most of the images are created in photoshop mimicking traditional tools of painting and drawing. Some of them show additional traces done by actual hand. Each image integrates a text in one form or another. Those texts are lifted form Wikipedia and collect speculations about one specific year in the future. Those speculations are cumulated under the phrasing ›Predicted and scheduled events‹. The first time these paintings were shown, the presentation favored a sort of archival installation. Only two ›paintings‹ were put up on the wall, while several more are stacked up in what feels like the back of the gallery. One wall was plastered with texts that give more or less detailed insight into the now of production. Specific, personal, psycho-socio-economic circumstances in which I decided to pick up ›painting‹ and produced the work on display.


Exhibition views Galerie La Croix, Los Angeles