Max Grau

Music for specific places


8 Stunden Musik für Adorno und ein Schwimmbad
[8 hours of music for Adorno and a public swimming pool]


Jan and me had been invited by Helin Alias and Maximilian Schmölz to contribute to their project at the public swimming pool in Amorbach. We compiled an 8 hour playlist for one complete day at the pool. The music was playing through the announcement speakers. We tried to imagine our soundtrack giving small little cue points. Hoping the music and the smell of chlorine could turn fractions of that day into little narratives. Indistinguishable from scenes that might exist, in a movie that’s just a little too cute. With washed out colors and a lot of splashing-water sounds. The Soundtrack definitely tries to lean towards making out, getting high and maybe raiding the mean guy who sells over-priced ice cream. Dissected with traces of melancholia. Because you know. At some point summer will be over and you will get older and you won’t stay in touch with all your friends and eventually you’ll have to get a job and… There’s not a big arc. Lots of discontinuities, wild mood swings and fragmented intensities. Unfortunately we couldn’t be there for the day, so we have no idea if this actually worked. Helin told us it was quite a weird day. People asked about why it’s called something something Adorno. This is nothing but a silly joke. Amorbach is where he spent his holidays and we got a little gigglish, imagining how much he’d hated 8 hours of pop-music. In a public swimming pool. And how mind-blowing that picture of TWA in a bathing suite is.




13 songs forever eternity


Jan was invited to do a lecture at the K-Conference 2015. The conference dealt with science-fiction, social-fiction, hybridity, politics, acceleration and the future. For the evening we compiled a few songs, that related in weird and not-so-weird ways to utopia or science-fiction. During the after party we handed out leaflets [(21 cm x 29,7 cm], that had the playlist and some of our favorite lyrics printed on them.




16 Songs für das Ordnungsamt Berlin-Mitte
16 Songs for the Ordnungsamt Berlin-Mitte


On the occasion of the II. Weissensee Trienale I installed laminated text sheets to the chairs in the waiting area of the Ordnungsamt. That’s the administrative institution you have to face if you want to do stuff in public space. Like in most public waiting areas, you have to pick a number and then spend a lot of time in a rather dreary room. The sheet had a little text on it and you could scan a code with your phone and would get redirected to a playlist. The playlist was listened to 116 times, after that they must have cut they wire and gotten rid of the sheets.