Max Grau

GAS, oder eine kontinuierliche Reise in zehn Entgleisungen

Collective Novel

Booklet & Reading

24 pages / 49 min



In Summer 2023 I wrote a chapter for a collective novel called "Gas". In my chapter, the main Character Onda ditches work and drifts through a loopy day in Berlin. She thinks about the ways the past tends to structure the present, experiences a dissociative episode in which she feels like a character in a novel, watches a live stream of a congressional public hearing by the US government on the existence on UFOs and she inhales some Nitrous oxide.
Gas was written by Verena Buttmann, Jan Erbelding, Sophia Eisenhut, Heike Geißler, Daniel Gottlieb, Jackie Grassmann, Max Grau, Olga Hohmann, Romy Rüegger & Annette Weisser
You can find more infos on the project, listen to all the chapters and order the booklets over at Cashmere Radio


A tiny glimpse from the reading on a sweaty summer night at West Germany in Berlin


This is how the printed version of the text looks.