Max Grau

Love & Work [floating]


93 Balloons, Din A4 paper, Laserprints, Watercolor, Chrome Spray


Love & Work [floating] was produced for the exhibition space at Kino Šiška in Ljubljana. 93 Din A4 pages are taped to silver strings, hanging from helium-filled balloons. The individual pages contain clumsy water color paintings of books I read this year, letters to friends I love and artists I admire, fragments of older texts, bits’n’pieces, diary entries tracing micro and macro, snapshoty photos that are sprayed with chrome aerosol so they become weird and/or opaque (depending from where you look). Some found images. Visual charms. Stuff/people I love. Andy, Larry, Courtney. Pages from my calendar, that traces all the reoccurring days spent in bed, regardless whether they were caused by 21st century exhaustion, debauchery or mental-health shit. All the pieces on display descend from open-ended series. Once people start walking through the installation the material begins to move and hopefully: to vibrate.
The show was curated, organized and saved from being a disaster by the fabulous Lara Plavčak & Miha Kelemina.